half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.

I’ve never been a big fan of being back home, whether at university or where I was raised, just England in general, I find everywhere else more exciting. When I graduated in July 2013 the plan was to get a job doing anything, save up some money and then move back down to London. But then my boyfriend happened and I didn’t want to leave Yorkshire, and then I got a job in my dream field and all of a sudden my New Year deadline to be back in London had passed. After realising that I set myself a new years resolution, I would be out of Yorkshire by the end of 2014. It was in January I realised I’d been in England a whole 6 months, the longest I’ve gone without going away for quite a while, so a 3 week trip to travel Canada and America was booked for March with my boyfriend, it felt incredible to be somewhere new and to experience it all with my best friend. Waking up to a view of the CN tower from our window was also pretty incredible. Then I was lucky enough to go to Ibiza for a week in June with some of my closest friends, whilst it wasn’t exactly a cultural experience I did have an amazing time, so much so two of us were looking for jobs whilst we were out there, I would have rather worked in a dive bar than gone back to England. I am incredibly lucky enough to have family in Toronto and somehow managed to book a last minute trip back there in August with my sister, it was awesome to have experienced it in minus degrees, and then so hot we burnt from half a day in the sun!

In between the first Toronto trip and Ibiza I decided I absolutely had to move abroad, not just out of Yorkshire as planned, but out of the country as well, me and my boyfriend discussed this hundreds of times, all the time disagreeing on when we would leave. Finally after myself and a couple of friends decided we would move to Australia, it came down to a ‘come with me or i go alone’ situation. We argued about it some more and then it was forgotten, later that night we were watching a world cup game and they showed some images of Brazil, my boyfriend turned to me and said ‘i’m gunna have to come with you aren’t I, or I’m never going to see the world’. I literally cannot describe how happy it made me to hear that, I didn’t want to leave without him, but I also don’t ever want to blame someone else for holding me back.


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