After a lot of deliberation about when we would leave and then borrowing some money from my Dad we finally committed and applied for our Visa’s, I must have checked, double checked and triple checked the information we put in a hundred times! I was worried I’d get something wrong and we’d have wasted all that money for nothing!

We got a ‘Working Holiday (Temporary) Visa’ online ( and it cost £230, not as bad as I originally thought. It felt so good to actually have committed to such an awesome adventure! The next two days were literally the longest days of my life, constantly checking my emails to see if I had anything from immigration, I remember the exact time I got an email to say Sammy’s visa had been accepted, 11.15, when mine didn’t come through I started to panic, finally 45 minutes later I had another email, both accepted, sudden realisation this was actually happening!

I’d already spent hours trawling websites for the cheapest flights and still managed to spend another million hours once our visas had been accepted looking! We swopped between Brisbane and Melbourne and back again, and then back again before deciding on Melbourne on some advice from a friend that had travelled there recently. It also helped that the flights were a couple of hundred cheaper. In the end a flight from Manchester to Melbourne cost us £642 each, that included a change in Singapore, we booked for the 30th December, to arrive in Melbourne first thing on the 1st January, second realisation this was actually happening!


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