searching, searching, searching.

I’ve spent the last two or three weeks trawling through Gumtree looking at various apartments just to get an idea of what’s out there at the minute, not sure it was the best idea as I’ve now found all these great places that I really want to live in that won’t be available by the time we get out there! At least it gives me an idea of what’s available for what budget etc. I sent a few questions to people with listings hoping to make some contacts and if things were still available we could go and view them when we got out there, I didn’t get any response from anyone which I thought was weird, so I contacted Gumtree and apparently you can only post to a site from that country! Seems ridiculous to me as they’d hit such a wider community being world wide, needless to say I was super angry about it as I thought I might make some progress with my messaging so I haven’t been back on the site since. I guess we will have to wait until we land and then frantically try to find somewhere!

As well as a lot of internet searching I’ve been packing up my house ready to move out, I’ve got everything in boxes and started to move it up in to the attic for storage, I’ve also got rid of a lot of stuff! It amazes me how much I hoard that I forget I have until my annual house move. I’m currently living out of a few plastic boxes for now, I’ve resisted the urge to start packing my suitcase just yet! I was bought a huge super light suitcase though so I’m hoping to take advantage of that and the fact I’ll be able to fit so much in. I don’t need to take a lot of stuff with me but I don’t want to get there and feel like I need to spend money on clothes etc, I have no doubt that I will, but I always find when you need something you struggle to find anything you like, so if I take loads of clothes at least I’m more likely to find lots of lovely summery stuff out there!

Like the geek that I am I’ve labelled each of the boxes I’ve packed and numbered them, then written a list of each box and the number it relates too, super geeky but at least then when I come back everything will be nicely organised and easy to find! #alwaysthinking

Only a few weeks until we leave, I’m so excited, and stressed, I feel a bit sick!


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