So things got mega serious last weekend! I had a bit of a breakdown about how much I had to do and the stress got a bit much, so I finally faced up to it all and made an entire spreadsheet dedicated to all the various bits to do with australia. There are 11 tabs! Everything I had written down in lists and spider diagrams and everything else is now on this one spreadsheet, and I’ve got a big to do list with all the things still outstanding.

Now I finally have some idea what to do with my life I’ve called the bank, car insurance etc. and got a lot of things sorted, so feeling a lot better about the whole situation. A lot of things on my ‘to do’ list are now checked off, and the outstanding bits are quite easy to do. This moving to the other side of the world business is stressful and time consuming, I can’t wait to land and start making a life for us out there.


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