Well I finally gave in, I couldn’t bear to look at an empty suitcase any longer so i’ve started to pack! Just stuff that I know I won’t need between now and when we leave, so shorts and summer dresses and skirts and things. The horrible weather in the UK the last week or so has reminded me why I want to move to warmer climates, bring on the sunshine! I’ve made a list (obviously) of all the things I need to pack, somehow I seem to have a half full case and barely any of my list ticked off! I always over pack for everything so no surprise there, I like to have a lot of ‘just in case’ things, you never know what you might need when you’re 10,500 miles away from home.

I’m still throwing so much stuff away as well, every time I go back to packing things up I get more brutal, clothes and keepsakes and toiletries, everything just gets binned! I don’t know how I accumulate so much stuff, but never again!

Being the organisational dictator that I am I’ve had my suitcase for weeks, Sammy literally bought his the other day, and I know he won’t be packing until the last minute! He finishes work early and has about 2 weeks off before we leave, so lucky! I’m working until the day before we go, not ideal but I always seem to do things that way, a regular at a venue I used to work at said to me ‘you’re one of them that doesn’t give the grass time to grow’. Very true, but that’s what makes life so exciting!


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