so finally my list is nearly completed, a few small bits still to do but another biggie ticked off, opening an australian bank! I thought this was something you had to do when you got out there but after literally googling ‘i’m moving to australia, now what’ I found a really helpful blog that advised you could open a bank before you arrived. I did some research and decided that the Commonwealth bank seemed the best, and most sites recommended this or ANZ. The signing up process was really simple, I filled in about 10 questions and then that was that, the site takes you to your welcome letter which you print and take to a branch of the bank once you arrive along with ID and then they give you your debit card. My boyfriend even got involved and signed himself up, a definite sign it’s an easy process as he’s not one for confusing and stressful sites!

After doing that it really sunk it that we are actually leaving at the end of December, actually, definitely, 100% moving abroad. Thank god I’m still more excited than nervous otherwise I think I’d be having a breakdown!

Things still to do when we arrive that can’t be done while we’re here:

  • Get a tax number
  • Check to see if we’re eligible for Healthcare
  • Find an apartment
  • Get a job 
The last two are the most stressful things, what if we don’t find an apartment, what if we don’t like any of them, what if we have to live in a hostel the whole time, what if we can’t get a job doing something we’re happy with? All questions I go through a hundred times in my head before realising this is supposed to be an adventure, it’s going to be stressful and a bit tough at times but that’s why I’m going with my best friend! I know he’ll tell me to give myself a shake when I’m stressing unnecessarily and everything will be okay. Let’s see how he copes when we encounter our first aussie spider though! 

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