I had a week off last week to give me time to get some stuff done and to see various people before we leave, it was a manic week and I felt like I needed this week off to get over the last week but it was a great week, so worth it!

I took my younger sister to London on the Monday for her Christmas present, I took my mum out for her early Birthday which I will miss as it’s in March, I went to see some friends in South Yorkshire and their little girl, I spent an entire day packing and just generally sorting my life out, and then on the Saturday we had a leaving party at Sammy’s aunties pub, I say ‘we’ but really it was mainly his family and friends plus a couple of mine! They are all such great people though so it was like having my own friends and family there which was nice. There were lots of drinks and lovely times with amazing people which is all we could of asked for, quite a few of them I won’t see again before we leave so it was nice to have a big catch up and a bit of a send off. Needless to say my head was very sore the next day! That didn’t stop me heading to Leeds to catch up with some other friends the next night though.

It makes it so so real when you start to say goodbye to people, it’s so strange as we aren’t going for another 2 weeks but I’m so busy with work in between now and then I won’t get chance to see everyone again, Sammy knows exactly how many days until we go and keeps announcing it to everyone, it makes me so nervous!


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