I’ve spent the last 24 hours sorting my entire life out, packing everything into boxes and re packing boxes I had already packed, crawling in and out of the attic to get everything out of the way for when my Dad gets back from Canada. I have so much stuff it’s a joke, four years of moving from house to house has helped me accumulate everything!

Finally though I am nearly there, just four boxes left in the spare room with bits and bobs that I need before we leave, really didn’t want to live out of a suitcase for the last 2 weeks of being here so needed to keep some stuff with me. Can’t wait to have everything packed and ready to go!

Aside from packing I’ve been getting ridiculously stressed about the amount of things still to do, and to top it off we realised Sammy’s passport expires in May, cue huge meltdown from me. Immigration have told him it’s no problem but that it will need renewing before we come home so he’s decided to get it done before we leave, but the next time the office have free is Christmas Eve so that’s going to be a fun trip for him! I have no idea how I’ve missed the fact that his passport is going to expire soon, clearly too excited to just get the visa booked!

There is now 11 days until we leave and I have finally got myself some travel insurance ( only £115 for the year), I’ve paid my phone contract off and cancelled that and requested it be unlocked so that’s another thing sorted. Had a minor breakdown in the car on the way to work about everything still left to do and saying goodbyes so it felt good to get to work and get some more bits sorted! My dictator excel spreadsheet is finally looking a lot more ticked off thank god, I’ve still got to update my CV a bit and get that printed but apart from that I’m nearly there, finally!


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