three days left.

christmas and boxing day are over and there are now only three days until we leave for australia! two of which I am spending at work! Luckily I’m feeling very organised and quite stress free which makes a change, I’ve got a ton of washing done and bought all my toiletries etc. so i’ve not got too much left to do. cv’s are updated and printed along with all travel documents. we actually spent christmas eve in Liverpool renewing Sammy’s passport as we realised it expires in May next year and neither of us wanted to face sorting it out in Aus, so that was a different way to spend christmas eve! At least it’s done and we don’t need to worry about it for another ten years, I sound calm about the fact we had to drive last minute to Liverpool on Christmas eve but inside I was a little but fuming! Lesson learnt, don’t just book a visa and ignore the expiry date on your boyfriends passport because you are too excited to consider anything that might get in your way.

i’ve seen literally all my friends and family over the last few weeks which I think has made the whole move a lot easier, I’d hate to think I’d not seen everyone and that I’d then miss them for the next year or so. the only thing about going away straight after christmas is that because you’ve been surrounded by your family and had a couple of days off work it feels a lot harder to then leave the little christmas bubble! the only things I asked for for christmas were money for aus so i’ve been helped along hugely by my family which i’m so grateful for, i got a few nice things as well like a travel journal and a couple of fitness related bits to really get me motivated when we arrive in aus!

i can’t wait to write about lots of new and exciting things once we get to australia, provided we find somewhere to live with an internet connection haha!


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