i would definitely 100% recommend flying with an amazing airline like Singapore Airlines, unfortunately we’ve suffered an absolute nightmare with our flight and it’s been cancelled, but the Airline have looked after us so well. We flew to Munich which we didn’t actually know was part of our schedule but it broke up the flight a bit which we thought was great, until we’d been sat back on the plane for over 5 hours still on the ground! There was a fault with the engine which they obviously thought they could fix without is having to disembark, so we were sat with no air con for forever! It wasn’t nice and obviously people we’re irritated but the staff looked after us and we’re so nice and polite all the time. When we were finally told to disembark we were taken to get our luggages and then coaches were waiting for us to take us to a beautiful Westin hotel in Munich, dinner, bed and breakfast were complimentary as well as free wifi for the whole stay. I know it was the airlines responsibility to take care of us but they really did and it gave us a good nights sleep in a beautiful hotel, as well as lovely food! We were transferred back to the airport this morning and are hopefully about to board our flight to Singapore. The airline has booked us on another flight to Melbourne which gives us an hour and 40 minutes in Singapore, we did want to see Singapore whilst we were there but I think 14 hours might have been a bit much! Hopefully we will be in Melbourne on the 1st as planned just in the evening rather than morning!

Fingers crossed!


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