made it!

so we finally made it to Melbourne! the most surreal thing ever stepping off a plane to 25 degree heat knowing that we had finally made it and we weren’t just on holiday, no nerves yet just huge excitement!

we got the sky bus in to Melbourne centre ($18 one way), the bus drops you off at Southern Cross station and then a smaller bus picks you up and you just tell them which hotel you’re going to and they drop you off at the door, saved us so much stress and hassle and money.

we’re staying at Flinders Station Backpackers Hotel (it’s definitely a hostel not sure why it’s called a hotel) for the first week and for a hostel it’s nice enough! we’ve got a private double room which is lovely, but the bathrooms aren’t great! but for £250 each for the week you can’t complain! we had a quick shower as we were mega gross after travelling for so long, then went straight out to explore. the city is lovely by night and it’s always busy which is good, there’s some great architecture and interesting buildings, as well as huge skyscrapers in the business district that look awesome. we walked round for a few hours before forcing ourselves to go to bed at midnight to try and over come the jet lag, hope we aren’t too affected by it!


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