jet lag.

well we have been absolutely destroyed by jet lag! we woke up at about 6am on the 2nd, both felt quite fresh and awake so we went and had breakfast in the hostel kitchen, they do pancakes, toast and cereal for free which is really good, saving us money on a meal every day!

after that we spent the whole day walking round, we must have done 10-15 miles walking every street, walking round shopping centres like Melbourne Central and QV centre to keep cool (it was 38 degrees) and just trying to get our bearings of where everything is. we also went to the bank to collect our debit cards and get that sorted, and then I went and got an Australian sim card as well, we decided we are basically Australian citizens now! although being typically English we went and had lunch at Nandos, the wraps are like 3 times the size over here it was amazing! on the walk back we found a street absolutely covered in graffiti, it looked so good!

there’s a bar above our hostel with a rooftop terrace so we went up there at about 4pm and had a drink and played pool, at about 6pm sammy was falling asleep so we went back to the room for a nap, I tried twice to wake up but he wasn’t having any of it, next thing we knew it was midnight and we’d both slept for ages! it was so hot in the room sleeping wasn’t great so i woke up a few times throughout the night but by 6am neither of us could sleep anymore so we had to get up!

it got to 41 degrees that day which was just insane and kinda unbearable! obviously i started moaning about it but was quickly cut off by sammy quoting something i’d said months ago! “all i want to do is wake up every morning and it be sunny and hot and not cold and rainy!” so i had to shut up pretty quickly after that! we got a tram up to Carlton to view an apartment in the afternoon which was a bit out of our budget but we thought we’d look anyway, turns out it was two single beds in two different rooms! we were not impressed! we saw another one in the evening that was sharing with another couple which was beautiful and had a pool and gym, it was also a new build and only a couple  of months old. we’d rather have our own place obviously but would happily share to have somewhere as gorgeous as that!

in the evening we got a tram to st kilda with the intention of going for dinner and then to see the penguins at sunset, but the temperature plus great food plus the storm that was just starting made me so so tired, and then as we left the restaurant jet leg destroyed me yet again! i was so tired we had to go back to the hostel, at least this time we managed to make it to 9pm before crashing. the heat was unbearable to sleep in so we woke up loads again but managed to sleep till 7am this time before getting up, hopefully the jet lag is getting a bit better, think it will be helped with the rain from last night and the drop in temperature, just 18 degrees today! after breakfast we went to a gym just down the road which was awesome, again the heat was crazy and made it really difficult to work out but we felt so much better for going.

today we’re spending the day in the library (we joined yesterday, again we figure this basically makes us aussie citizens) searching for more apartments and jobs, hopefully we’ll get sorted in the next week or two and settle into proper Melbourne life!


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