st kilda pier.

so we spent the rest of sunday looking for jobs and apartments in the library, we had a really productive day and went wondering again in the evening, we sat in federation square in the sun and chilled out, before heading back to the hostel and watching an aussie rules game on tv. we actually managed to stay up until 10.30 as well so i think we are starting to get over the jet lag.
on monday we got up early and spent the whole day being mega productive, i skyped my family which was great, we handed out loads of CV’s and went to view three apartments. not sure the job front was so successful but we have found an apartment that we love so just waiting to hear from the owner to see if we can have it! the other two we saw were okay but we keep finding that people advertise a flat share on gumtree that turns out to be a flat share, plus people in temporary bedrooms in the living room?! i don’t know if that’s quite a normal thing to do and if everyone else is happy with that but to us it just seems mad! they set up dividers in the living room, so there’s just this little square that fits a bed and nothing else in it, totally mad. 
in the evening we took the tram up to st kilda and went to the pier to finally do my number one priority in Melbourne, see the penguins! depending on how lucky you are and how long you stay a ton of penguins come up from the breakwater on an evening to their nests after being out to sea all day. we only got to see a few but we’re going to go back every so often and see if we can see more next time! the ones we saw were so cute, such lovely little creatures! hopefully there a few pictures of the harbour and one penguin attached to this post! you can read more about the penguins and the Earthcare St Kilda group who monitor them here: 

by the time we got home we’d made it to 11pm! we are definitely over jet lag now thank god, although we are still getting this weird dizzy sensation every so often, especially after going up in the lift at the hostel, really hope it passes soon! we’re still waking up really early although of course Sammy is managing to go back to sleep and knock straight back out! we’re taking a day off today as the weather is supposed to be nice, we’re spending a couple of hours in the library this morning and then heading to the beach for the day to try and get some sort of tan, we are definitely the whitest people in Melbourne!


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