bit of luck.

well we are definitely no longer the whitest people in melbourne, most of my body has a lovely hint of tan to it, apart from a random patch on the back of each of my legs that is red raw and pretty painful! i know everyone says it but you really don’t realise how hot the sun is when you’re at the beach and there is a breeze, we kept topping up our suncream but apparently not enough! sammy looks like he has a lobster on each foot which isn’t very nice for him either! we saw a couple more apartments after the beach but still nothing we like, and we aren’t even being that fussy.
a few shots from st kilda beach
 some jellyfish we saw at the beach, we weren’t really sure if they were still alive or not to try and put them back in the sea but a guy did come along with a stick and flick them back into the water so hopefully they were okay!

we spent the night at the hostel playing pool, we met a few english couples that we got chatting too which was cool and we also made it to midnight before having to go to bed and didn’t wake up until 7am, awesome!
another super productive day today, we spent four hours in the library, cooked some lunch at the hostel and then went to see loads of apartments and hand out more resumes. all the apartments were similar to ones we’ve already seen- too good to be true! the last one we went to see was great though and we do really want it, made even greater by walking through the door and seeing one of my sisters friends sat on the couch! her and her boyfriend had been living there and are moving out next week so the apartment is up for rent, it was nice to catch up and know that what she was telling us about the flat was all real etc. so fingers crossed we manage to get this one! it had amazing views of the city, southern cross station and the etihad, some new apartments are being built next to it so the view will be blocked in two years time which is a shame for them. it reminded me of 375 King Street in Toronto! the weather was crazy today as well, it was boiling and sunny all morning then about 2pm it started raining, hailing, thundering and lightening, you genuinely can see every kind of weather in one day in Melbourne! all the walking and stress of apartment and job searching is so physically and mentally draining so when we finally made it back to the hostel we crashed at about 10.30pm and went straight to sleep!
the view from the apartment on little lonsdale street
we’re spending the morning in the library again before going to the tax office and to sort out Medicare out, one more thing to tick of the list. can’t believe we’ve been here for a week, the time has just flown!

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