So our last couple of days haven’t really been that exciting, we’ve sat in the library and looked at apartments and applied for jobs, I’ve got my Medicare card and tax number, although still no job to need a tax number for! we’ve been playing a lot of pool on the table in the hostel, it’s about 30 years old and the cues aren’t far behind but it’s still a bit of fun! we had a free dinner provided by the hostel as well which was a chicken and bean curry with rice which was really good! we also had our first taste of goon which was an experience I probably won’t re-live! it’s a really really cheap wine and it really is vile! I didn’t drink enough to experience it but apparently the hangovers are horrendous too. on friday we viewed an apartment at the Docklands so we got chance to have a walk down there and see a different part of town which was good, it’s a really nice part of town and everything is super clean there!
on Saturday we actually managed a lie in until 8.30 which was pretty great, we’ve signed up for a weeks free trial at a gym near us as well so we went there for a session once we’d got up and had breakfast. a friend from back home has a lot of family in melbourne and she put her auntie in touch with us which was great, she invited us to a family bbq out of town which we were really excited about! we got a train about an hour north and they picked us up from the station, it was like meeting our own family as everyone was so friendly, everyone has offered us help or a place to stay as well which was really great! so our first real aussie bbq was great, out in the sticks surrounded by trees and greenery, safe to say we were on edge quite a bit as there were clearly creepy crawlies everywhere, and the family whose house we were at told us there was a huntsman on their bedroom wall which they seemed totally okay with…
we had a great evening and caught a lift back to the city, it was great to see a different part of Melbourne and to see the country a bit! although it didn’t help with our spider fears!
Alice, Richard, Barbara, Keith, Sammy, Ben, Me, Paul, Leonie, Marie
Lucy & Violet
once we made it back we went out with the group of friends we’ve met in the hostel to the bar next door, I somehow even made it to about 4am which I haven’t done in a while! it’s been nice to do something different to stressing about jobs and sitting in the library!
Sammy, Me, Sara (Sweden), Meghan (Canada), Tom and Matthew (England)

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