like a possum up a gum tree.

well we’ve had beautiful weather the last two days which has been great, on Sunday we had another bit of a lie in after a late night, and then we looked at another couple of apartments before walking to federation square to sit in the sun and then down the riverbank to see a different part of Melbourne.
yesterday it got to at least 30 degrees and was a beautiful day, in the morning I did my RSA qualification so I’m now qualified to serve alcohol in the state of Victoria, lets see if that helps me to get a job! sammy also got an interview for a personal trainer job at fitness first but they wanted thousands of dollars in start up costs and rent so needless to say he won’t be going for that one! by the time i’d done my course and he’d been for his interview it was late afternoon but it was still so hot and the sun was blazing, so we walked back down to the river with some friends and took a load of food to bbq. along the river in melbourne they have big metal bbqs with gas for anyone to use, it’s such a good idea! we made tons of food and sat around all evening eating and playing frisbee and football, it was well needed as I was beginning to forget why we’d come to australia, which was for the laidback lifestyle, well paid jobs, sunshine and bbqs! 
we walked back to the hostel via fitzroy gardens which at night are home to lots and lots of possums! me and Sara were really wanting to see one so we took the boys on a mission with us and we saw LOADS! they were all over the park and are just so cute! it was really hard to get good pictures as it was dark and iphones don’t do very well with flash but it was great to see them. another aussie experience ticked off the list!

today it’s absolutely throwing it down so we’ve spent the day in the library again, applying for more jobs and more apartments! we moved into a 16 bed dorm and it’s a pretty rubbish one so we’re not too impressed, we went in at about 10.30 and everyone was either still asleep or lying in bed on their phones… so clearly all super productive and into seeing the sights! we’re only there for two nights and then the group of us at the hostel have hired cars to drive down great ocean road for 5 days and hopefully there will be a smaller dorm available by the time we get back, and then an apartment to follow!

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