home sweet home.

we had the rental car for the rest of the day after we got back to melbourne yesterday so we used it to move our suitcases and bags into our new apartment 😀 we had a quick shower as we smelt like campfire still from the trip after we’d dropped our stuff off, then went and dropped the groups stuff back at the hostel. another couple we went away with also moved into their own place when we got back so that was nice. we drove down to st kilda and spent a couple of hours there before taking the car back and meeting one of the girls for dinner at Om, mmm i’d missed the beautiful vegetable curry whilst we were away! i spent the evening unpacking and sorting our new room out whilst sammy knocked out for the entire night! i think he had about 14 hours sleep, all that driving and lack of sleep really catches up with you!
st kilda beach

today we spent the morning applying for another hundred jobs before going to the gym and swimming pool which is in our apartment building 😀 i had an interview at a coffee shop in the afternoon and then we went up to Victoria Gardens to do some shopping. we went to ikea, k mart, coles and aldi to get various bits that we needed for the apartment as well as a food shop too. it’s so nice to have enough towels and pillows, as well as a fridge and cupboard full of food! we cooked dinner together and then have spent the evening chatting to our flatmate and catching up with everyone back home which has been lovely. 
if the weather is nice tomorrow we’re going to head to the beach but if not it’ll be another day of job hunting for us!
our apartment building, flinders wharf
the lobby
our bedroom
the lounge
the view

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