the great ocean road part one.

what an adventure we have had over the last five days! i’ve had to keep writing notes in my phone to remind me of all the things we’ve been doing! firstly we moved from our 16 bed dorm into a 3 bed dorm and are sharing with a great german guy who is really friendly so that’s good, then we spent wednesday doing some shopping for the trip and handing out more cvs etc. and I managed to get myself a trial at a cafe for the next morning! we had dinner with some friends at this amazing place called Om just over the road from the hostel, it’s $6.50 all you can eat vegetarian curry and it’s super tasty, my new favourite thing about Melbourne! we also got a call from a couple who had originally offered their apartment to someone else who had since dropped out and we were their second choice, so finally after all those viewings we have managed to find somewhere to live!

on thursday I got up really early and went to my trial shift at the cafe, i got there half an hour early, smiled, chatted to staff and customers, constantly finished job after job and asked for more things to do when I couldn’t find anything myself, pretty good going I would say! apparently the manager didn’t agree as I didn’t hear back! after my trial we packed up and checked out of the hostel and picked up the rental car, then we drove the groups luggage up to a house it was being stored at whilst we were all away as it was taking the rest of the group ages to get their cars from the rental place. we were supposed to set off at 10am and didn’t end up leaving for the great ocean road until around 2.30pm, oops! turns out it’s really hard to get 13 people to do the same thing at the same time.

once we set off though we drove out of melbourne and down the m1 before finally getting on to the great ocean road 😀 it was such a great drive, we stopped to get food and alcohol along the way and then found a campsite somewhere around Aire Valley, we had an old book about free campsites in the area but apparently they recently changed the rules and now not all sites are free and they have to be booked. the first one we went to was full but as we were turning the cars round we noticed everyone looking up at the trees so we went to have a nosey and ended up seeing a koala! it was absolutely amazing and everyone got really excited, they are just as cute in real life as i imagined! once we made it to our campsite we set up tents and cars etc, cooked food over the fire and had a drink, the sunset was lovely and it was just nice to be in a national park with good friends and a nice atmosphere!

our home and transport for the trip!

the start of the great ocean road

beautiful sunshine over our campsite

koalas at our first campsite

there is so little light pollution in the national park that the stars looked better than i’ve ever seen them look anywhere else, i even managed to capture a couple with a long shutter speed on my camera!


me and sammy slept in the car and it definitely wasn’t the best sleep, i felt so paranoid all night about spiders getting in and that something or someone might creep up on the car! obviously we survived and were absolutely fine the next morning apart from a bit tired! the whole theme of this trip is me waking up early and nearly everyone else enjoying a lie in, most days we didn’t actually leave campsites until 12 which was different for me!

we saw more koalas in the morning and we met a family of aussies who were total pro campers and had brought a canoe with them, they let us borrow it and we went canoeing on the lake next to the campsite, it was so much fun! once everyone had got up we drove down to Otway Tree Top Walk which was really good, I think it’s supposed to be a rainforest, alot of the ‘treetop’ walk was on the ground, but there were a few steel bridges that went really high above the forest and finished with a huge stair climb so you could see really high above loads of the forest. after that we drove over to triplet falls and walked the few kilometers to that, it was really pretty and the forest surrounding it was a bit rainforesty as well.

we drove a few hours on to the twelve apostles area and stopped off a bit trying to decide what to do for a campsite and food etc. port campbell wasn’t far so we went there and got food for the night before going to Princetown camping ground, we had to pay at this one but it was only about $7 each and there was a bbq area, toilets and showers and something even better… hundreds of wild kangaroos! they were all over the place, and when it got dark they came right over to all the tents and cars! it was absolutely amazing!


me and sammy next to the tallest tree in the forst

triplet falls

the gang in front of one of the falls

kangaroos at our second campsite


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