the great ocean road part two.

i thought i’d better write this in two parts as there is quite a lot to write about and i wanted to include some pictures as well. on the saturday we agreed that we would stop off at all the little sites we wanted to see as there were a lot of scenic viewpoints etc. along the great ocean road, so we stopped off at Gibsons Steps, 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, The Arch and London Bridge. all of them were incredibly beautiful and we took so many pictures, even though it was cloudy and windy it was still amazing to stop and see so many sights, who knew bits of rock could be so interesting! there were loads of stories along the way as well about various ship wrecks etc. which was pretty interesting. oh and if you were wondering there are actually only eight of the twelve apostles left now!
gibsons steps
the twelve apostles
the cave at loch ard gorge
loch ard gorge
 the arch

london bridge

sara and I at london bridge

after we’d seen all the sights we carried on driving until the great ocean road just sort of ended, and went further along the coast to Port Fairy, supposedly the worlds most liveable community. It was really sunny there and such a beautiful place. the light house was a bit far out of the way and everyone was getting a bit anxious about the time and that we needed to get food and find a campsite and set up before dark so we didn’t go to see it, but you could see it in the distance from the beach which was good.
there was a bit of tension as half of us tried to argue a case for continuing on to the Grampians mountain range and to stay there for the night and the other half wanted to head back to where we had stayed on the first night, i think just because it was so close it seemed silly not to continue on to them but we lost the battle and so went back towards the first campsite we had stayed in. our car lead and between two english, a canadian and a swede we managed to get us very very lost, well it wasn’t lost just wen took us to the wrong campsite and the one we ended up at was full, so we added quite a while on to our journey! when we arrived at the right campsite we had to set up and cook in the dark which wasn’t ideal but it was an experience! 
as we’d left late every other day we managed to convince everyone that an early start on the sunday was a good idea so we could see as much as possible on our last day, it meant we got to drive down a huge stretch of road that’s filled with koalas, visit the cape otway lighthouse at the end of the road and then spend the rest of the afternoon at Lorne beach which was beautiful. it got really sunny and pretty warm there which was nice, i think i managed to burn my nose, again! we set off to a new campsite called Hammond Road which some fellow campers had told us about which was a lot nearer to melbourne but still off the great ocean road, we got there around 6pm so with loads of time to set up and cook and sit around drinking! it was a great campsite and we saw a parrot and some more kangaroos there as well which was awesome. we played loads of group games that were loads of fun, some kanagaroos came to visit us after dark as well which was pretty entertaining.
koalas on cape otway road

koala selfie

cape otway lighthouse
lorne beach
the trip ended with a super early start the next morning and an hour and a half drive back to melbourne which wasn’t too bad, it was so sad to leave the great ocean road and come back even though we were coming back to melbourne! we all had an absolutely amazing time and i haven’t laughed as hard as i did over those five days in a long time! it was one of those trips that had loads of in-jokes and stories you randomly remember weeks later and makes you become really close to friends really quickly! definitely the best thing we’ve done in melbourne so far! 
all the pictures we’ve taken are in an album on facebook.

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