australian open.

on wednesday i got a job trial at a cafe on swanston street, it’s part of a gallery and the university up there so it’s not too busy at the minute, apparently once term starts in march it’s gets crazy! the trial went really well and i got offered a job straight away so that’s good, i start on tuesday! finally back in the working world and earning money! after that i went to st kilda beach with a friend for the afternoon, trying to top up my tan that doesn’t seem to be doing too well! we spent the evening in as no one was really up to anything and it was really hot yesterday so not that great to walk around in, even by the evening. we’ve booked australian open tickets for friday so that should be good!
i woke up thursday morning to a text asking me to go into work for the day, we’d made plans to go to sandringham beach so i was a bit gutted but of course couldn’t say no! a seven hour shift on my feet all day was tiring as i haven’t done it in so long, but it felt good to know i’d earned some money. im back in on saturday for a few hours so even more money in the bank, great success. our flat mates have gone away for the weekend already and one of their friends is staying in their room so we’ve been left to our own devices already, they must trust us as i don’t think i’d be letting someone i’d met a week ago stay in my house alone for 6 days!
we went to the australian open today which was absolutely great! i really love playing tennis but have never been that into watching it, thought as we were over here we might as well go, i’m so glad we did as it was a great day. unfortunately tickets for the two big arenas were around three times more expensive than the ground passes, and I was thinking that maybe we wouldn’t get too see any big games as we’d be on the smaller courts, but i would advise anyone who goes to just book ground passes, $44 for a Friday and we got to see some big names including our lad from back home, Andy Murray! had a fab day looking round the grounds, taking pictures and selfies, looking at all the sponsor areas and watching some awesome tennis! we watched Dimitrov vs Baghdatis (Mens Singles), Errani vs Y Wickmayer (Womens Singles), Witthoeft vs Begu (Womens Singles) and finally Murray vs Sousa. when we got back we had a couple of friends over for dinner to celebrate being in our new place which was nice, was great to actually show someone where we live as no one else is here to see it!
pictures printed at the open
hisense arena
nachos for lunch 😀
court three
melbourne in the background

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