australia day.

i was on my way to work on saturday when my boss text me and said it wasn’t busy so i didn’t need to come in, i would have been gutted but it was 35 degrees and i really wanted to spend the day in the sun so i was super happy! i went to my friends new apartment and we sat in the garden all afternoon in the sun which was lovely. in the evening me and sammy just went to the gym, cooked some dinner and then caught up with everyone back home.
on sunday i had a completely chilled day, i skyped people back home and just laid about the apartment, sammy got a call about some work doing some removal stuff so he went off to do that for the afternoon, i went to the gym in our apartment block and then just carried on being lazy! the weather was’t that great outside so i think was definitely okay to have a day of not really moving!
we finally got to experience australia day on monday! we did the most australian thing we could think of and had a bbq, along with a lot of drinking, a great way to spend a monday! it was raining in the morning but by the time we got to our friends the sun was out and it was really hot, we sat in the garden all day cooking and drinking, as well as listening to triple j’s hottest 100 which is a bit of a big deal over here apparently! they’re a radio station who open a poll for listeners to vote for their favourite track of the year, bars and clubs have triple j parties on australia day just for the countdown. For anyone interested Chet Faker- Talk is Cheap was number one, full list can be seen here: I unfortunately had work the next day so we caught one of the last trams back and went straight to bed.
on tuesday and wednesday I worked all day so not much to tell about that, on wednesday night we went to the Queen Victoria Night Market which was absolutely amazing, hundreds of food and drink stalls and then even more selling clothes, jewellery, all the typical market type stalls which I absolutely love! we spent a few hours there wandering round and wishing we hadn’t eaten dinner before we left the apartment so we could have tried something. definitely won’t make that mistake next time.
one of hundred of great food stalls

sugar skulls at a stall

lights above the market at dusk
I had the day off today so I went wandering round the city for most of the day, the weather started off beautiful so I was going to head to the beach but by 10.30 it was really windy so a bit chilly! instead I walked down South Wharf which is opposite our apartment building, it’s full of bars and restaurants and of course has a lovely view onto the river. I also went to DFO which is an outlet shopping centre, had to leave there pretty quick to avoid spending loads of money. although I have found a shop I really love here called Cotton On, it’s quite hit and miss but for basic stuff it’s great, around H&M/New Look prices so of course I was going to be impressed! sammy left for work at 6.30am and still isn’t back so imagine it’s going to be a chilled out evening of food and relaxing, maybe with some packing for our next road trip on saturday!
‘polly woodside’ at south wharf

melbourne sign made from thousands of those little plastic tags you put on your keys


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