home sweet home.

after we got back from the trip i packed up a lot of stuff that i hadn’t really used or didn’t need out anyway to make room for the lovely new things i got for my birthday. mum and dad sent me money which i’ve put in my savings account ready for the next trip, mum also got me a pandora ring with my birth stone in which i haven’t taken off since! i really did have the best birthday ever!

dad got us the tickets to the moonlit sanctuary, sammy bought tickets to the penguin parade and he got me a few little bits that i really wanted from a great shop called ‘typo’, as well as some animals that we hadn’t seen yet (platypus and wombat), as well as a koala as me and sara had been looking for the perfect one since the great ocean road trip! the penguin was another gift from the penguin parade, he was too cute to leave behind!

our flat mates had also bought me a gift which i thought was so lovely, everything together on the bedside table looked to lovely and homely.
roses and chocolate roses from Paul & Luzie our flat mates
our bedside table, very homely with all my birthday cards 🙂
we’ve both spent wednesday, thursday and friday working all day so not much to say about that, on wednesday we went out for dinner at Hophaus with Paul & Luzie which is a great German restaurant at Crown, Luzie is German so her and Paul have been a few times and said it was great. the food was fantastic and the restaurant had a great view on to the river and a big seating area on the terrace which was lovely, we stayed there for a few hours just chatting and had a really nice evening.
chinese lanterns outside crown ready for chinese new year 

on thursday evening Sara & Matthew came over and we went and used our sauna, jacuzzi etc. for a couple of hours which was nice, very relaxing, definitely needed after two days stood on my feet for 9 hours!
tonight i finished at 4.30 which was lovely, i came home and cooked dinner and cleaned and tidied before finally updating my blog nearly a week later! we either do so much that i don’t have time to write or so little that there is nothing to write about! back to work in the morning and then finally a day off on sunday! it was 35 degrees here today so really really hot and i had to spend the whole day in an air conditioned cafe, not fair!


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