phillip island.

on the monday we got up early and had breakfast at the house before spending the whole day and night out doing various things on and off the island. firstly we drove through the Summerlands on our way to the nobbies, which are a few rocks off the island, the weather was really good all day so we did lots of walking around. after that we went to see the Phillip Island Circuit which was built for cars but now hosts the superbike championship ( there isn’t too much to see there as you can only see a bit of the track, there is a cockatoo called Robbo who talks quite a lot and is over 80 years old, a little garden area dedicated to Len Lukey (famous racer) and then a small display area with a couple of cars, bikes and some memorabilia. for only $15 i would say it was worth it though even if it’s just to say you’ve been! after that we headed to the koala conservation centre which i think was about $15 again, nearly everything on phillip island is 15 bucks! again it’s quite small but there’s lots of koalas just hanging around in trees and it’s a nice walk through the forest and boardwalk. we then went on to the national vietnam veterans museum which was great (again $15 each) there you watched a 20 minute video about the war and types of soldiers, weapons, important battles etc, then you walked around the big hangar which had a couple of helicopters, a tank, tons of memorabilia and then a working workshop at the back where there were two huge wings from a plane and another helicopter, not sure what was going on in the workshop as you couldn’t really see but the people working in there were all in camo gear so i assume it’s something for the army still. the guys who were working in the ticket booths were really friendly and i think really impressed that anyone under 50 went to the museum as they talked to us for ages and gave us a free magnet!
next stop was the moonlit sanctuary which dad and sammy organised as one of my birthday presents, it was about an hours drive off phillip island but a really nice drive so that was good. when we arrived we had lunch and then walked around the centre seeing all the different animals, we got to see some things we hadn’t seen in the wild yet like wombats and dingos! we fed loads of kangaroos and wallabies which was great, we saw a tasmanian devil, tons of birds and parrots that we hadn’t seen, cape barren geese and galahs are quite common in that area, they had everything every type of typically aussie animal, except a platypus which i still haven’t managed to see! we spent a couple of hours there before driving back to phillip island, we went to the chocolate factory on the island which again was $15 and was a good laugh, it just told you about the history of chocolate, it had some good statues and things made out of chocolate, there were some fairground type games to play to win chocolate prizes etc. so it was fun! we drove round some more of the island and saw woolamia beach and rhyll which were both very pretty. after that we went on to have a belated birthday dinner, we went to an italian restaurant in Cowes which is the main ‘town’ although it’s still really small! the restaurant looked out onto the ocean and served beautiful food so it was really lovely. we went back to the moonlit sanctuary after dark as we had a guided tour booked which was awesome! we got given a lantern and walked round the sanctuary again and saw all the nocturnal animals out and about which was amazing! we got to hold a huge snake, feed gliders and other little marsupial things that looked liked tiny wallabies, the tasmanian devils were up too, they make the most horrendous noises ever! apparently when settlers first lived on tasmania and the tas devils came out on a night they made all these awful noises and the settlers thought it sounded like the kind of noises devils made, hence the name. we fed kangaroos again and saw the owls flying around, it was amazing to get to see it in the day and night, and there were only 8 of us on the evening tour so it was great. by the time we got back to phillip island it was really late so just went straight to bed.
tuesday morning we went driving again to see some last bits, the pyramid rocks as you can imagine were pyramid shape, on the boardwalk down to the rocks we saw our first poisonous snake! it was about 1.5 metres long, i couldn’t believe it when we walked past it, afterwards we googled it and it was a ‘red bellied black snake’, they are poisonous but their bite isn’t fatal which was good to know! after that excitement we drove just over the bridge to the island and went to San Remo where they feed pelicans every day, turns out pelicans are really really ugly! the last thing we did was drive to churchill island which is a tiny island attached to phillip island, there’s a heritage farm on it and that’s about it so we went back to mainland and drove back to melbourne. when we got back to the city we drove down to Port Melbourne and saw one of the big cruise ships, it’s a really pretty area down there and all the apartments etc. look really nice. we drove back up through south melbourne which is another really nice suburb, it’s quite an affluential area so all the houses are nice and there’s lots of expensive boutiques there too. we passed albert park too where they were building the track for the melbourne grand prix which was pretty cool! we are hoping to go to that but we’re a bit worried about the days off we keep asking for as we don’t want either of our bosses to start getting annoyed, so may have to wait and see on that one!
it wasn’t such a blue feeling coming back into the city as it was last time which is good, i think it’s because we have a nice apartment and jobs to come back too this time. safe to say i had the most amazing birthday, despite not being with family and friends, thank you so much to everyone who sent me money and cards and presents and got involved with the birthday organising, it means so much to me!
the nobbies
more of the nobbies
phillip island grand prix circuit
robbo the cookaburra
koala at the conservation centre
tank at the vietnam veterans museum
feeding kanagaroos at the moonlit sanctuary
tasmanian devil being a little shit!
chocolate moose at the chocolate factory
birthday drinks
squirrel glider
the amazing house we stayed at
pyramid rocks
red bellied black snake 
dingos at the moonlit sanctuary
a wombat at the moonlit sanctuary
feeding a squirrel glider
holding a snake! before it tried to strangle me!

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