st kilda festival.

i finished my fourth day working in a row on saturday which was great, i haven’t worked more than two days in a row since we were in england! we went out in the evening and promised ourselves that we would go to some nice bars out of the city rather than the usual ‘joint bar’ which is above the hostel we used to stay in! we went to Matthew and Sara’s to have some drinks and didn’t make it out until about midnight, by the time we got to the main street one of the bars we tried to go to was closing and one had a huge queue to get in so somehow we ended up on a tram into the city and went to… joint bar! it’s one of those places though that as long as you’re with your friends you have a good night so it’s not that bad, we had a really good time and somehow didn’t make it home until 6am! i haven’t stayed up that late in years. obviously we then slept in really late on sunday and didn’t get up until about 1pm. 
when we finally did get up we went down to st kilda festival (, it started on 31st january and finished on the 8th feb so it lasts quite a while, i think it’s just within venues in st kilda until the last day where they shut all the roads and it spreads out over the beach and streets so it’s a great atmosphere. all the trams from the city were rammed, i think they have between 300-400,000 people there on the sunday. we walked up and down the streets and looked at all the stalls and food etc. which were all great, we had souvlaki for lunch which was amazing! i bought some shorts and new sunglasses and we both got a matching bracelet as well. we watched some dance crews performing who were awesome, listened to some bands as we walked past and had a drink at one of the bars so it was a really good day. it got really hot and sunny as well which was great. we came back in the evening and did a big food shop then just chilled out before going to bed.
today we’ve both been back at work and tonight i think we’ll just relax and go to the gym and make some dinner which will be nice. fingers crossed for hot weather tomorrow as i’m off and hoping to go to the beach to get a tan!


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