cricket world cup.

before we came to australia i made a list of all these things i wanted to see and do and all the sporting events i wanted to go to, even though i’m not that into tennis or cricket it was one of those ‘when in rome’ kind of things, so a few weeks ago we bought tickets for england v australia in the icc world cup. our usual gang of four who literally want to see and do everything here were obviously up for it but when we asked everyone else they all said it was valentines day and so couldn’t come! we thought it was a great way to spend valentines day though and we really did have an amazing day! everyone else had work in the morning so i had a little lie in and then went to the gym, made breakfast and then lunch for when sammy got back. finally everyone finished work and we met at the apartment before jumping on the tram down to the mcg, after the storm on friday night the weather was pretty crap when we got up but by the time we left around 1.30 the sun was out and it was boiling again, such a good day for cricket.
australia batted first and it was a really exciting few hours of really good quality cricket! we had a few drinks and really got into it which was great, matthew is super into cricket, i know the basics, sammys never watched a game, sara didn’t even know what happened in cricket, so we were a right bunch! unfortunately when it was england’s turn to bat everything went a bit downhill, they got some really good wickets but batting just wasn’t really happening for them! the score really slowly went up but we were still miles behind australia and then right at the end James Taylor was about to get his century when he got out by an lbw, which was then contested and they spent ages deliberating over it, we were about to get up and leave as we thought it was over but then they decided he wasn’t out, but then they found that Anderson had been run out! such excitement in the last few minutes! the aussies loved it of course and we got some stick from people around us, however i’ve had a look online this morning and the icc have confirmed that they messed up and the game ended incorrectly, not much good for them now but oh well! ( 
it was such a lovely way to spend valentines day, especially as we don’t really ‘do valentines day’ just a card and a token present, i got sammy his favourite aussie sweets and he got me something pug related, of course! that’s another once in a life time sporting event ticked off our list, next up is the formula one in march!
my beautiful flowers.
our cards to each other, ‘i love the shit out of you’ and ‘i whaley love you’.
pre cricket selfie.
cricket selfie.
lights on in the mcg.
us winning the world cup, haha!

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