well i definitely got my wish for hot weather, it got up to 35 degrees on tuesday which was great, i went to the gym in the morning and then spent the day at south melbourne beach. i put a lot of high factor suncream on but when i got home that evening i realised it really wasn’t enough as i was burnt literally all over my body! not the best outcome for the day but hopefully it will turn to tan very soon! south melbourne is very pretty though and you can see the ships heading in and out of the port which was lovely to sit and watch.
south melbourne beach


on wednesday and thursday i worked all day, one of the guys i work with had their last shift on wednesday so we stayed at the cafe and had a couple of drinks with him which was nice, then on thursday we had to go and say a really sad goodbye to one of our friends. his dad has had a heart attack back home and is in hospital so he has of course decided to go home, it’s really sad to say goodbye to someone and to know they are going home to something so horrible. from a selfish point of view it’s made us all a bit sad as well as we’re all over here as well and miles from family etc. and everyone says you can’t spend your life worrying etc etc but it doesn’t mean you don’t at some point!

on a happier note though, i’ve got friday to tuesday off for some reason so today sara and I went to Williamstown, a small maritime town about a half an hour train ride from melbourne. it’s a really pretty place with a bit of history and ships and a nice beach so we went and spent the day there. we walked to Gem Pier where you can see the city and all the boats, then we walked round the edge along the water front. there’s a huge bae systems building that covers nearly a mile along the front but after that there is a beach made completely of shells, which we later found out was called shelley beach. there is also a time tower that used to be a lighthouse, now it has a ball that moved up to the top of the tower and then drops back down at 1pm every day. the woman in the tourist centre said it was something to do with warning ships back in the day, and we thought it might be quite impressive but it really wasn’t and we didn’t really get it at all!

we carried on walking round the sea front until we got to the beach on the other side, it was a lovely beach and the water was really clear. we sat there for a couple of hours and watched the sky turn black and lightening in the distance, before deciding we should probably head back to the city. we just avoided the rain and then beat the storm back to melbourne, as i got back to the apartment it started to thunder and lightening so we stayed in that night and watched a film to avoid the weather!

the view of melbourne from gem pier.

the time tower.

tiny star fish on a shell at shelley beach.

the path along the sea front.

storm clouds at williamstown beach.


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