we were blessed with another day of beautiful weather on sunday so after a bit of a lie in we caught the train to sandringham beach as one of our friends said it was one of the prettiest beaches in melbourne, so we thought we should check it out! it was definitely the nicest beach we’ve been to so far, the water was really clear and there were loads of rocks and cliffs and the little town surrounding it was very cute as well. we met a friend as we were getting off the train which was very random, we spent a few hours sunbathing with him before going for a walk towards the rocks and on to another bay where the sand was filled with shells. i seem to have collected half a show box of shells since we got here and i’m not sure why as there isn’t much i can do with them when we need to leave! we walked nearly to the end before walking back along the path at the top and getting the train back to melbourne. it’s so easy and cheap to just jump on a train and be so far out of the city and see something new. 
our friend sara works for the city sightseeing bus and when we got back to the city she let us jump on the bus for free which was great! it takes about an hour and a half for the city tour and you learn loads of random bits of information about places. most of the things on the tour we’ve seen already but it was nice to see it from a different perspective, you can get a better view and pictures of things from a double decker bus! 
after our bus tour we went and did a food shop at our favourite supermarket, coles, before heading back to the apartment to cook and hit the gym. we skyped a few people back home as well, sunday evening for us/sunday morning for england seems to be working well for skype dates!
sandringham beach.
the yarra river & eureka tower.
i have no idea what this is but it looked cool.
royal exhibition building.
cathedral place.

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