beer deluxe and more goodbyes.

i’ve had a pretty unproductive couple of days monday and tuesday, it’s been nice to relax! monday i had a bit of a lie in, went to the gym and got tons of leaflets from town to make a little welcome pack for stacey when she gets here. i met Sara, Matthew and Sammy after they’d finished work and we went for a couple of drinks in a place called Beer Deluxe on federation square, they do schooners for $5 on a monday which is super cheap especially for the middle of the cbd. the next thing you know we’re getting changed and heading out to joint bar! i don’t tend to drink for no reason but this night ended up being really good so i’m glad we did it, everyone had the day off the next day as well which was nice! on tuesday we just hung out in the flat doing not a lot, we moved our furniture round in the bedroom for when stacey gets here so we have more room, tidied, hoovered etc. then just watched a film. i also spent a lot of the day researching aus, asia and south america to see where we might go next! getting me so excited and motivated to work really hard and save up lots of money!
i worked wednesday, thursday and friday this week, trying to get myself lots of shifts and convince the boss that i need them more than anyone else so fingers crossed i’ll get a few each week. on wednesday night we went to Kew for a goodbye bbq for Sarah, she’s leaving for England to go and stay with Nick for a few weeks, so good for her but a bit sad to say goodbye to another one of the gang! we had some great food though and spent all night in the garden which was lovely, we saw a huge swarm of bats (flying foxes) flying over the house which was pretty awesome, another super interesting thing we’ve seen whilst out here. lots of hugs and emotions as we said goodbye after the bbq, although we’re now looking at everything as ‘it’s never goodbye, just see you later’, which definitely makes everything a lot more positive! thursday night we went to the gym, cooked dinner and then watched the imitation game which was brilliant! although sammy was so tired he fell asleep 20 minutes in so i’m not sure if he agrees with me!
on friday evening we went to coles and did a bit of shopping for when stacey arrives, then set up the airbed and covers etc. all prepared for when we pick her up! very excited to have a guest for a couple of weeks, so glad we haven’t done all the touristy stuff yet as we’ll need to do it when she arrives so will be nice to see some stuff we haven’t done yet. we’re getting the skybus to and from the airport and the flight doesn’t land until 00.10am so think it’ll be quite a late one!


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