poms in aus.

so we’ve had our first and probably only visitor here in melbourne, stacey arrived on friday night and we got the sky bus to the airport and picked her up from there, it’s been really good for sammy to have some family here so that’s nice, we got back to the apartment around 1.30 and pretty much went straight to sleep once stacey had got sorted, we’d both been up early for a work so it was a really long day! 
on the saturday morning stacey obviously woke up really early from jet lag/time difference and once i’d been woken up i couldn’t get back to sleep so we got up and had some breakfast before heading to st kilda beach for the day. it was 30 degrees at 10am so by the afternoon it was super hot and around 37 degrees, it hadn’t been quite that hot in a couple of weeks! it was nice for stacey’s first day to be a really hot one so she could spend it at the beach so that was good. after she’d had enough of that we went to the royal exhibition building as there was an adventure travel expo there i thought might be interesting, it really wasn’t and we were only there for about half an hour! it was really small and there was just a bunch of stands handing out leaflets, nothing much else going on. it was so hot and sticky we went back to the apartment to shower and meet sammy after he finished work, stacey also booked her flights to sydney as she’s going on tuesday for a couple of days. 
they have what was supposed to be a really awesome night in melbourne that is held once a year called ‘white night’ it’s basically a lot of light shows, art shows and other random bits of cultural kind of things going on all across the cbd, it starts at 7pm and goes on until 7am. i’d been looking forward to it for ages as i’d heard there were loads of stalls and artists and bands etc. we went to carlton gardens to meet friends as there were having drinks up there and watching a projection on the royal exhibition building that was a part of white night, it looked really awesome and it was nice to sit and have some drinks whilst still being a part of white night. so many people were there to see the projection and there were some food trucks etc. around so it was a nice atmosphere. stacey did really well to last until about 11 before really getting tired, so we headed back to the city to see some other stuff that was going on, we didn’t really see much though and i was a bit disappointed! there were thousands of people in the streets but no one was really doing or watching anything, it was a bit odd. we walked back to the apartment along the river bank were there were some street entertainers and some stalls but most of the stalls were closing so not much to look at really, we got back to the apartment around 1.30 and all crashed at that point, we’d been up so long!
when i woke up on sunday morning i really wasn’t sure that sitting have a drink in a nice warm park with friends all night was so worth it, as i’d been bitten so badly by mossies or ants or something and i was in so much pain! out of the 14 or so people that were there i think i was the only one who got bitten, and it does seem to always be me while everyone else is fine! they itched so badly i had to go to the pharmacy and get some cream to try and stop them from hurting but i put it on so much and nothing seemed to work! the three of us went to dfo to do some shopping for stacey as she wanted some new clothes, and then for a bit of a wander round the cbd, before going for some drinks at a bar called soho on the riverside. it was really really hot again so was nice to sit and chill out in the sun! in the evening we went for a bbq at batman park just next to our apartment and cooked burgers and chicken which was lovely, unfortunately though nothing could distract me from my bites and i spent all evening and then all night itching and feeling sorry for myself! i woke up so many times, having to put wet paper towel on my legs to cool them down a bit, it was a total nightmare. i felt like a kid again when i had chicken pox, the only thing i can remember was holding folded up wet paper towel on my skin! by monday morning i had counted 25 individual bites all over my feet, legs and a couple of my arms too, it’s been absolutely agony!
i had to go back to the pharmacy and get some antihistamines and different cream for the bites as they were still so painful, oh and if you are reading this thinking why is this entire post about my bites, that’s because it’s all i’ve been able to think about for the last 2 days!i hope so much that they are better by tuesday as i can’t take another day of pain and irritation like this! aside from feeling crap all day though we did go on the city sightseeing tram to show stacey a bit more of the city which was nice, we also happened to get on the oldest tram still running in melbourne, which has been in service since november 1941! after that we went to the old melbourne gaol and watch house which was really interesting, loads of stuff about ned kelly and his bushranger crew so that was awesome. very creepy as well though with all the dark, dingy cells and then all the carvings etc on the walls and benches, the watch house where people were first taken to after they were arrested was still fully operational until 1992!

in the evening we took stacey to experience Om and Beer Deluxe which was great, we had a few drinks there and then went for dinner, it’s been nice to introduce her to everyday stuff that we would do ourselves and not just touristy, sightseeing stuff. tomorrow she’s heading off to sydney for a couple of nights so we went back to the apartment and packed before heading to bed, back to work for me tomorrow!

royal exhibition building on white night.

drinks at soho on the river.

old melbourne gaol.

recreation area at old melbourne gaol.

carvings of someones offences at the gaol.

the prison.

ned kelly poster.


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