abbotsford convent.

there are loads of great schemes to help the homeless, less fortunate, abused etc. here in melbourne, one of them is abbotsford convent just north east of the cbd. they run a kitchen every day that serves free food until about 9pm, it’s called ‘lentil as anything’ and serves all vegetarian and some vegan stuff as well. it works on donations so they expect nothing but the people who can afford to donate obviously do, and those donate more than their share help to cover meals for people who can’t afford anything. as well as the kitchen they have a little farm with some animals and there’s lots of pretty grounds to walk round, so we did all that before getting some dinner, which was absolutely amazing! it’s similar types of food to Om so curry, salad, rice, beans etc. and is all absolutely delicious. it’s really nice to go and do something a bit different and of course to help contribute to a great scheme that helps people out, whether you are homeless and it’s the only way you can afford to eat to a backpacker who’s skint for the week they are happy to feed anyone! we of course donated as we just wanted to go and experience it and help out!
abbotsford convent.
windmill at abbotsford.
feeding goats.
 decor at lentil as anything.
lentil as anything.
the delicious vegetarian food.
 lentil background.

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    • It’s amazing isn’t it Nadia! I wish we had more places like this back home in England, such a brilliant idea. Thank you for reading, I look forward to reading about your adventure with Keren!

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