the theory of everything.

After another day at work we went to see ‘the theory of everything’ at the nova cinema in carlton, I got free tickets through work- not bad! It was such an amazing film and I would definitely recommend everyone to go and see it if you haven’t already! Stephen hawkings story is so great and the film is based on a book by his ex wife which offers such a great portrayal of him! After the film i downloaded his book ‘a brief history of time’ and then her book ‘travelling to infinity’ so i’m looking forward to reading them over the next few days.
I was back in work again on thursday, sammy unfortunately hasn’t had any hours since Saturday and the weather hasn’t been great so he’s not had much to do, but tonight we cooked some healthy mexican rye wraps and then walked down to docklands as it was lovely and sunny! On the way back we found an outdoor gym/activity area so we did some circuits down there before jogging back to the apartment. I’ve tidied and cleaned for Stacey coming back from sydney and then I packed for our next road trip that we’re heading off on this sunday, I’m really excited to get back on the road and see some more of our state, as well as get some clean air out of the city!

chinese dragon at docklands.
cow up a tree.
sunset at docklands.
etihad stadium.
outdoor gym.

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