staceys birthday.

Stacey made it back from her trip to sydney in one piece and she had an amazing time which is great, when me and Sammy finished work we all went into the city to have dinner at Om, before heading back to the apartment to chill before an early night. when Stacey fell asleep we blew up loads of balloons and set up her presents and cards in the lounge so when she got up she could see it all!

We spent the morning just hanging out doing presents and breakfast etc. before heading to south melbourne market which was really good, then we sat by the river with a bottle of fizz for the afternoon. In the evening we went up to little Italy and had a beautiful meal, then headed into town to joint bar, obviously! Sara and Matthew were having a leaving drink so everyone was out which was good fun! I think we got home about 3am which isn’t too bad but when you have an alarm set for 7am to get ready for a road trip the next day it’s not the best!
south melbourne market.
sat by the river.
birthday drinks.
cake and presents.

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