road trip three.

I got up really early on the Sunday morning to make some food and pack everything up that we were taking on the trip with us, we were due to pick the car up at 9am and then collect Matthew and Sara at 9.30, needless to say we didn’t set off on time and left about three hours later than planned, but what else do you expect from us!

Once we were on the road it was a beautiful drive through mornington peninsula until we got to sorrento which had some beautiful beaches and was a lovely little seaside town. We spent a few hours there before driving over to Phillip Island in late afternoon, we stayed at our wonderful friend Maries house again for the evening. Ee unpacked our stuff and cooked dinner before heading down to a beach past the penguin parade to see the sunset, we were just too late by the time we got there but it was still nice to see another little area that we hadn’t seen the last time we were there. We were all pretty shattered after not much sleep the night before and a lot of driving that day so we stayed up watching tv for a bit which was a novelty as none of us have one in our apartments, before heading to bed for an early night.

On the monday morning we got up nice and early and repacked the car, then we drove round the island showing everyone else the bits we had seen last time we’d visited, including the nobbies, pyramid rock, surfers beach and woolamai beach, then we dropped Stacey at the koala conservation centre so she could go and see some koalas whilst we filled the car up and went down to the pier in cowes to have a look there. We saw a stingray in the ocean which was pretty amazing! Once we had picked Stacey up we set off on the drive to wilsons prom, it’s a really beautiful drive down there through some lovely little towns, fields and hills, I was insured on the car as well so I got to drive on some of the nice roads which was fun!

Once we made it to wilsons prom and into the national park the scenery was just incredible, the next two days were full of beaches and views that were like nothing I had seen before! We stopped a few times on the drive to tidal river which is the big campsite in the national park where everyone stays, once we were there and had set up our tent we walked down to normans beach to watch the sunset which was beautiful. The sky was a lovely pink and we took a few drinks down so we sat there for a couple of hours just enjoying the views. After it had got too dark too even see on the beach we walked back up to the campsite and bbq’d for dinner, they have loads of bbqs in the campsite and picnic benches so we stayed there for the rest of the night drinking and talking, a great end to the day! We finally got to see some wombats as well which I had most been looking forward to seeing! Stacey has never been camping before so it was such a great first experience for her, luckily she really enjoyed it!

The next day we drove down to squeaky beach which is very originally named because when you walk it squeaks under your feet! We walked to the end of the beach and sat on some rocks to have breakfast, we spent a while just relaxing there which was great, before driving to the foot of mt oberon, which at the top is the highest point in wilsons prom and you can see for miles. Unfortunately stacey had to turn round about ten minutes into the walk as she has problems with her hips that hurt her really badly, but the four of us walked up to the top, it was pretty steep but not quite as bad as mt william in the grampians, and took us about the same amount of time. God it was so incredibly worth it when we got to the top, the views were absolutely incredible, the prettiest I have seen out of everywhere we’ve been, Matthew and Sara even thought it was a better view than places in thailand. We sat at the top for about 15 minutes taking it all in before we walked back down to the bottom, it had got so hot that morning that we decided to go and spend the rest of the afternoon at squeaky beach and chill out in the sun. We didn’t go back to the campsite until about 6pm, we had taken the tent down after the first night as we were trying to avoid paying to stay there, cheeky we know but at $60 a night it’s not that cheap and hey we’re travellers, we need to save where we can! Once we set that up again we went to watch the sunset at normans beach as it was so lovely the night before, we played a bit of frisbee and then bbq’d the rest of our food. It was another really lovely night just spent cooking and drinking and chatting, I really love melbourne as a city but it’s so good to get out of the busy lifestyle and just chill out at a campsite or a beach for a few days!

On the final day of the trip we had an absolute nightmare with the rental car, somehow the battery died and we spent ages trying to find someone with jumpleads to jump it for us, it wasn’t the best start to the morning but luckily we didn’t have much planned for the day so it didn’t matter too much! Once we got that sorted we went down to the river at tidal river and had breakfast, we saw another kookaburra there too which was great! We set off back to melbourne late morning as we had to collect Matthew and Sara’s stuff from our apartment, drop ours off, drop our car off, and then collect their car all before 3pm! they’re moving to perth for a couple of months before going back home and are going on a road trip to sydney so they’ve had to leave their apartment and pack all their stuff up! It’s always a bit of a downer getting back to the city after being in the fresh air and being away from it all for a bit but we’ve still got some good stuff planned whilst Stacey is here so there’s lots to look forward too!

sunset at norman beach.
morning walk on squeaky beach.
view from mt oberon.
view from mt oberon.
kookaburra at tidal river.
sorrento beach.
sorrento beach.
sorrento jetty.
selfie at the nobbies, phillip island.
wilsons prom.
norman beach.
norman beach.
mt oberon.
mt oberon.
selfie at the summit of mt oberon.
nearly at the top of mt oberon.
building a sandcastle at squeaky beach.
the final project.
the second day sunset at norman beach.

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