future festival.

We had an absolutely incredible day at future festival at flemington racecourse on sunday, I actually managed to sleep in until about 9 that morning which was a lie in for me which was nice. I then had to dash to town to do a bit of shopping for stacey to take back to england with her before getting ready, then we all jumped on the train and headed to the racecourse. The line up was really good and there was an artist we wanted to see at all times throughout the day which was brilliant, that doesn’t often happen with festivals for me so definitely money well spent, thanks mum!We saw tons of different artists and I managed to see everyone I wanted by watching half a set here and there, and we split up once so we could all see who we wanted too which was good. I went and saw kiesza, robin schulz, gorgon city, sigma, hilltop hoods, nero, martin garrix, 2 chainz, drake and the last part of aviciis set too, not bad for less than 12 hours!

All sporting events and festivals are super overpriced in england and all the food and drinks are really expensive, but in australia it’s not too bad, alcohol was fairly pricey at future but the food was all so reasonable and the merch was as well. i got a headband/bandana kind of thing that had future written on it just so I had a little something from the festival and then it’s not heavy or extra clothes etc. for me to carry round when we travel!

pre festival selfie.

me and stacey in one of the tents.

the three of us.

glitter canon during martin garrix set.

watching drake sat on sammys shoulders,

drakes set.

me and sammy enjoying the sun.

As we’d spent all day on our feet and dancing and walking we were all knackered by the time we got back, so we pretty much went straight to bed!

In the morning stacey started packing all her stuff to leave which was a bit sad and we organised our room and apartment a bit, it’s very hard having three of you in one room with so much stuff for so long so it was nice to be able to see the floor again! Once we were all sorted we went to south melbourne and spent the afternoon at the beach there, before heading to beer deluxe for some $5 schooners and bar food which was lovely! We dropped stacey off for the sky bus to the airport at around 8pm, it was a pretty emotional goodbye for sammy and stacey, especially as he’s told her we will be staying out here/somewhere in the world longer than a year so she was upset about leaving him for so long. We said the same thing to her as we say to everyone though, it’s not goodbye, just see you later!


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