it’s not goodbye, just see you later.

When we had finally sorted out everyone’s stuff and the guys had got their car it was time to say see you later to yet more good friends, this is definitely my least favourite goodbye as sara and matthew are my two closest friends here in melbourne and we do nearly everything together so it will be odd not having them around! As with everything though we weren’t saying goodbye just ‘see you later’, and we do have plans to go to perth in the next couple of months so I know we’ll see them again in australia!

After work on thursday stacey cooked us a lovely dinner and we went and did the eureka tower which was brilliant! It’s not as big as the CN tower but it was still awesome and had amazing views over the whole city! We went up just before sunset so we could see it in the light and dark, whilst we were there we decided to do the edge experience where you are in basically a glass box and it extends something like 9ft out over the city, pretty scary and you spend between 5 and 7 minutes hanging out there which is more than enough time for me! You can get discount leaflets everywhere in melbourne so don’t ever pay full price for a ticket.

On friday i worked again whilst sammy and stacey went and did the great ocean road tripm then on saturday both myself and sammy had work so stacey entertained herself for the day, then on the evening we went for a few drinks. Unbelievably we actually went to a different bar than joint bar which was a shocker! There’s a nice place on elizabeth street called E55 so we went and had some cocktails there before of course, heading to joint bar. We were supposed to go to crown casino on stacey’s birthday but it ended up getting a bit late for it so we decided to go this saturday instead, we had $10 free play each for signing up so i didn’t mind going and spending that. I especially didn’t mind when i put $5 on 21 on the roulette table and won $175! That completely made my night and i was happy to leave straight after that awesome win!

views from eureka tower.
A photo of our photo from the edge experience, $12 to buy a ticket and $12 for a photo, i don’t think so!

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