arnold classic.

Well this week has been a very boring week! After doing so much between work, trips and nights out for the last weeks, even months, we’ve finally got nothing planned for a whole five days which is crazy! I’m feeling pretty run down after doing so much and I’ve got a bit ill the last couple of days which isn’t great, now it’s getting to autumn I’m getting a cold and a sore throat! I don’t think it’s much more than the sniffles though so i can’t complain too much.

On Saturday though I had the day off so bought myself a ticket to the arnold classic australia! it’s just over the river from us at melbourne convention and exhibition centre and the tickets to the expo were only $25 so not bad for a day out. On the morning of the expo one of my colleagues told me they had 6 free tickets and offered them too me so I thought I might as well get them incase sammy has time to pop over in the morning before the f1, but when I got there so many people were queuing to still my tickets i actually managed to sell them! I only asked for $10 each as I didn’t want to make money i just wanted to cover the cost of my ticket. I sold 4 and gave 1 to a friend of someone i’d already sold 2 to who didn’t have cash on them, then kept a spare one for sammy, I covered my ticket cost and put the rest towards a vest I really wanted, small success for the day! I spent about three and a half hours looking at all the exhibitors and watching the events that were on, it was such a good event and really inspiring too. there were martial arts competitions, arm wrestling, body builders, bikini models and strongman events as well, so much going on! the stalls give away so much free stuff as well, i’ve got so many free samples of protein, bars, preworkout, amino acids etc. it’s crazy how much stuff i collected.
There were a lot of athletes and big names in the fitness industry as well, most of them you had to queue for hours to meet and have a picture taken so i wasn’t too bothered, but I got to the queue to meet Flex Lewis when it was pretty small so I met him and we had a nice chat when he realised I was from great britain too! Ronnie Coleman, The Hodge Twins, Dennis James and Phil Heath were all there too but I just snapped some shady pictures of them rather than waiting around for hours to meet them.

The definite highlight of the day though was arnold himself came walking through the expo with his security team of about 35 people! It was absolutely crazy and people went a bit mad for it, I stayed right behind his security team and got a few pictures of him, then I somehow managed to shake hands with him! It was pretty crazy and i also managed to get it on video, highlight of the day if not week for sure!

meeting flex lewis.

the big man himself.

ronnie coleman.

amazing freebies!


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