formula one.

What a great day at the formula one on Sunday, we got really lucky with the weather and it was nice and warm! There were some other races before the main one with some classic cars and v8 engines etc. and lots of food stands and merchandise, so we spent the hours before wondering round and watching different bits going on. We also managed to get into the Michael Schumacher stand where we watched the airshow, the airforce flew some smaller planes in formations that looked great and then they had one bigger jet that made so much noise it was a bit deafening! It was all really good to watch though.
Once the actual race started we watched a lap from the stand and then made our way round the rest of the track watching from all different angles. Of course we were cheering lewis hamilton on so it was great that he won! You’re allowed onto the track once the race is over which is pretty cool, it’s covered with bits of tyre and there was also one of the cars near us as a driver had crashed half way through so we saw that up close before it got towed away.
Its definitely a good event to go to as a one off even if you’re not interested in it usually, but I’m not sure I’d go again!
airshow before the race.
sneaking into the schumacher stand.
view of the city across the lake.
panoramic view from the stand.
on the track after the race.
the track post race.

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