i haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

Well we’ve had a very boring week this week, we’ve both worked every day and in the evenings all we’ve done is go to the gym for a couple of hours and then cook food at home, on wednesday we skyped mum to see her open her birthday presents which was lovely, although it did make me miss home, and on friday we really pushed the boat out and did a food shop at Coles! It’s okay though as it just means we’re earning and saving lots of money ready for the next stage in our travels! I did manage to sneak a visit to the Ian Potter Gallery on one of my lunch breaks for the Richard Avedon exhibit, can’t believe I hadn’t been to have a look yet when I work right next door, such a great collection of photographs!

I had the day off on saturday which was lovely as I just spent the day chilling out, skyping people back home, cleaning the apartment and then researching all the things we want to see in other parts of australia, in particular south aus and tasmania as that’s where we’ll be off to next!
After both working on sunday we finalised a plan for our next big trip… leaving melbourne! I love this city and victoria in general, we have so many awesome memories and friends here but it’s definitely time to move on! We’re going to leave at the end of april so that will have been four months here, we’ve seen everything we want to see apart from a couple of things we’re going to fit in before we leave so we’re pretty ready to get moving.
First stop will be adelaide, we’ll spend a week seeing various places in south australia, then we’re going to fly to perth to spend ten days there, we’ll be staying with some of sammys family, matthew and sara are still there as well so we’ll do lots of stuff with them too. After that we’re going on holiday from our holiday and heading to bali for the week with them! I’m really really looking forward to that already! We’re then going to fly to tasmania via melbourne as that seems to be the cheapest way to do it, spend a week driving through tasmania and seeing the sights, before flying back to melbourne and driving from there up to sydney, via canberra! It’s going to be such a great trip and I am so so excited to set off already! Once we’ve been to sydney (we have tickets for the state of origin game), we’re going to head up to brisbane and stay put there for a while and earn ourselves some more money!
I’ve managed to save up quite a bit so far, so that plus the next four weeks wages and i should be pretty set for six weeks of travelling and sightseeing etc. very, very excited to set off and see some more of australia!

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