how to not overpack.

even though i’ve been on several trips, all of which i’ve overpacked for, even europe when i had to carry a rucksack on my back for weeks, i still managed to overpack for australia! i think because we were coming here to live rather than travel i thought it was okay to bring tons of stuff with me, i’ve definitely changed my mind since we got here! i brought a lot of clothes in case i never found any clothes shops that i really like out here, obviously there’s loads so i’ve bought quite a bit since we arrived, then i’ve also brought a lot of just random stuff that i could definitely live without.
i had a look online at how much it would be to post stuff back home that i don’t want to totally get rid of, to be fair it wasn’t crazy expensive, as long as you go for the sea mail option that takes months and months to arrive! now that we’ve decided to leave though i’ve had a look through my stuff and filled quite a large bag of stuff i’m going to leave behind that i haven’t used or worn whilst we’ve been here and then another big bag of stuff i want to post back home so i don’t have to say goodbye to it forever. i took the post bag to the post office today and expected it to weigh loads and cost tons, but everything that i wanted to send home, plus a couple of extra bits that fitted into the bag only weighed 4.9kg! i really couldn’t believe it, the cost for sea mail was $68 which isn’t horrendous for all the space i’ll now save (the bag was pretty huge, around 2.5ft by 1ft, and 0.5ft deep), plus the other big bag of stuff i’ll be dropping to a hostel, i might even get most of my remaining stuff in my rucksack…wishful thinking i think!
below is just some of the stuff i’ve sent back to england:
1. clothes- no matter how many times i pack, re pack, re re pack, re re re pack (you get the picture) i always end up with far too many clothes. ‘this top just incase’ ‘these shorts i’ve never worn but look awesome’ ‘that top i love but haven’t worn since 2011’ it gets out of hand and i am a sucker for ‘what if’ and ‘just incase’. i promise that after this trip i will never do that again. put outfits together, take things that go with everything, and don’t pack anything you haven’t worn in the last month (except things effected by weather of course). it’s easier (and often cheaper) to buy something you realise you need once you reach your destination than to carry round stuff you don’t wear for months!
2. storage within storage- i brought so much stuff in washbags and i really don’t know why, one big wash bag is all i needed, but i brought all sorts of random toiletries that i didn’t use back home and i still don’t use here, but wanted them just incase. you also learn to live with a lot less whilst travelling, i don’t put any products in my hair anymore and barely use my hair straighteners (although these didn’t make it back to england just yet).
3. gym gear- whilst i’m really in to the gym and we go quite a lot (free trials and a basic gym in our apartment building) i brought a lot of gym clothing and my gym bag that i really didn’t need. a couple of pairs of shorts and a few vests that i just wash every week would have been fine, and i just use my everyday rucksack to put my stuff in. i will never learn.
4. jewellery and make up- stuff i barely wore or used in england but thought ‘oh well it’s only small might as well’. no, just no. it’s too hot to wear a lot of jewellery and when we do go on nights out i wear basic make up that i wear every day. i think i have separation anxiety when it comes to me and my belongings!
5. filofax- my life revolved around my filofax until one day it just didn’t. i don’t even have 2015 pages in there, i brought it because i always had it with me and i forgot that we came to australia to live a laid back, more relaxed lifestyle! needless to say i haven’t even looked at it since we got here and if i need a calendar i use my iphone, no diaries are needed when travelling!
6. stuff just because- a keyring with a picture of friends from a hen do, my sports teams lanyard, the box for my polar watch, the boxes for my pandora rings, extra snapbacks (you can only wear one at a time, why do i need so many) but still all these random things made it to the other side of the world with me, but not quite out of my suitcase. needless to say most of them got sent back to england, although i did keep one snapback (go raptors!)

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