poorly sick.

Well I’ve had a pretty rubbish week this week and not done too much, there is nothing worse than being ill anywhere other than at home! On Monday we told our housemates Paul and Luzie that we’re leaving soon so it’s very real and very exciting now! The rest of my week was spent being very ill, working, and planning the finer details of our next trip, we booked the initial flight out of Melbourne to Adelaide as well, one flight down, about six hundred to go!

From wednesday onwards though all we’ve done is work every day and I’ve been really ill so spent the evenings sleeping! Any food i’ve eaten has come back up and I’ve felt sick all day every day, the only food I’ve eaten has been nachos that sammy has made us for tea the last three nights, that’s the only thing i’ve managed to keep down, which is very weird! Not the nicest way to spend the week but i’ve been making myself go to work so I don’t miss out on wages so at least i’ve been doing something. I also did that thing you’re never supposed to do when ill and googled my symptoms, eek! I ignored all the really bad stuff and looked at what it might actually be, sounds like food poisoning (although I don’t know what from) or gastroentinetis, but there is nothing you can do about either so just hoping it goes away soon!

Everyone has said I should go to the doctor all week so I gave in and went on Monday morning, it’s been nearly a week since I first felt ill so I felt it was time! It cost me $85 which I can claim $37 of back through Medicare, I’m so glad I registered when we first arrived in Melbourne, it’s a definite must for anyone planning to stay in Australia for a while. The trip was a bit of a waste of money though as all they told me was that I have gastroentinetis and that there is nothing I can do except ride it out, brilliant! So maybe self diagnosing yourself does work sometimes! Now that i have that wonderful insight i’m spending my day off sorting my things out ready to pack next week, whilst living off soup and bread. Hopefully in a week or two I will have much more exciting things to write about than illness and work!



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