best travel and planning apps.

There are so many apps out there to help you plan your travels and for you to use whilst away, i love to kick it old school and write everything down in my notebook but apps are really useful for people who use their phone or ipad for everything! Below are some of the ones i use the most:

duolingo- if you haven’t heard of it yet where have you been?! this is an amazing, simple to use app to help you learn another language. great for people who like to try and speak the basics when heading to a foreign speaking country, or if like myself you want a good grasp of the language well in advance to help you get around.
viber- another that i think most people have now, you can message (like whatsapp) for free but also call as well, it’s great for when you don’t have time to sit down and skype someone but also want to avoid international call charges!
tripit- this basically imports information from your email account and stores it as an itinerary in your phone. it saves you time on transferring everything into your phone calendar and you can add different information of your own as well. it also stores car hire, dinner reservations, tickets for events…
skyscanner- i often find myself on lunch break at work just having a quick look at random flights to various places just to get an idea of costs, the app is really simple to use and you can find flights in seconds. and by putting in your starting point eg. melbourne and then ‘everywhere’ into the destination, you can find the cheapest places to fly to, great for if you want to plan a trip but need some inspiration!
xe currency- live, up to date and accurate currency conversions for every currency in the world, so simple and so helpful when you’re working out the cost of things compared to back home.
hostelbookers- another handy one for a quick comparison of places and prices, as simple to use as the website it quickly compares various hostels in a particular city, then you can refine your search based on budget, location, rating etc. once you have a hostelbookers account it can make for a really quick accommodation booking last minute.
geocaching- my favourite app/thing to do whilst travelling! we discovered this last year whilst in philadelphia and whilst the geocache community is huge worldwide i don’t know many people who use it. it basically gives you a location of a ‘geocache’ which can be any sort of inanimate object, then hints and clues to help you find this object. inside or attached to the geocache is usually a log where you sign your name and date it, then you can tick it off on your app. there are hundreds of thousands of them all over the world and it’s so much fun to search for them, although very frustrating when you can’t find them!
wikitude- the app i have been waiting for all my life, maybe not quite, but i always wanted an image version of google, where instead of googling text to find an answer you could google an image to find out what it is, well now it exists, for buildings and general touristy things anyway!
Just when you think technology couldn’t get any better another awesome app that does bigger and better things becomes available, I can’t wait to see the kinds of apps and websites we are using to help travel in the future.

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