experience collector.

Facebook has this new thing where it shares ‘memories’ with you each day, it tells you what you posted or who’s wall you wrote on that day but one year ago, or two or five years ago. They’ve basically created their own timehop within the site. Anyway sammy tagged me in his memory from this time last year, we were in DC, half way through our three week trip to toronto, dc, philadelphia, new york and boston. I couldn’t believe it had been a year since we’d been on that trip! Then i thought about all the other things i’d done in that time; changed jobs twice, been to ibiza, been back to toronto and then quit my job and moved to australia, when i thought about all that amazing stuff i also thought ‘i wonder what my instagram feed looks like’, so i started scrolling back through the past few months and i barely got to november before thinking ‘god if i wasn’t me, i would hate me’. One of those ‘sorry not sorry’ moments!

I often think I am so lucky to have done all these amazing things and to have been to so many incredible places, then I realise it’s not just lucky, it’s a lot of hard work! i’ve had a job since I was 13 and I haven’t been more than a few weeks without one since then, I work really hard and save really hard to be able to afford to do all the awesome stuff I do! Obviously I have help from a great family who are encouraging when it comes to getting out there and doing things, they are happy to lend me money upfront to book a ticket or flight, as long as I pay them back, they also contribute for christmas and birthdays which helps so much. But mainly I work really hard and cut back on all but life’s basic essentials when saving for a big trip! I can happily go without buying new clothes for a few months, missing out on nights out, playing petrol roulette and doing the smallest possible food shop if it means I can save more money to travel. I’ve been doing it for the last five or so years and will probably continue to do it for the next five, I strongly encourage everyone else who thinks being able to afford to travel is out of the question to give it a go!Β It’s absolutely and completely worth it to live on a shoestring budget for months at a time, to then get to experience such incredible places. Collecting experiences and memories is so much more worthwhile than collecting things, guaranteed!

7 responses to “experience collector.

  1. You absolutely deserve it. Experiencing amazing things is always pricey, but if you work hard for it, you’ll be able to do it. Great to see that you also get supported by your family πŸ™‚


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