easter weekend.

It feels so good to have had four days off because the cafe I work in is shut, I don’t really have a choice so I don’t feel bad about not earning anything, which means guilt free lie ins, time to see things we haven’t done yet and time to relax and do nothing! After a chilled out morning on the Saturday we then spent the afternoon at Prahran Market buying some great quality fruit for super cheap, we got four boxes of strawberries for $5, five passion fruits for $2, and a bunch of bananas for $2, it’s incredible how cheap the markets are compared to the supermarkets. We then walked down Chapel Street which is full of shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars, it’s famous for being a really good night out but we haven’t made it past Joint Bar in the CBD so we wouldn’t know! At the end of the main street there is a great American diner called Soda Rock, we stopped there and had some incredible milkshakes as a little treat, I had strawberry with crumbled oreos and Sammy had caramel, they were both amazing!

On the Sunday we spent the day just chilling out, I finalised all our routes for the road trip we have coming up and we had some lovely smoothies made from the fruit we bought the day before. In the evening Tom came over to the apartment and we had a good catch up with him, before heading to the gym. A lovely and relaxed day which was well needed.

Monday was spent just hanging out in the apartment by myself, everyone else was working so I just hit the gym and made lovely fruit smoothies! In the evening we met some friends at Beer Deluxe, who do $5 schooners of beer and cider on Monday’s, a travellers dream! We also went to the bar one of our friends works at called Fathers Office, it’s a lovely bar on Little Lonsdale Street, with a heated balcony and really nice decor inside. We couldn’t have too much of a late one as it was back to work on Tuesday but it was nice just to catch up with everyone we had stayed at the hostel with and to say some goodbyes as well. Sorry not goodbyes, just see you laters!

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 02.50.21

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 02.50.10

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 02.50.28


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