see ya later, melbourne.

We’ve had a lovely last week in melbourne, after a great four days over easter we then spent the last week seeing friends, working and getting ready to move on to our next adventure. We ended up with a large bag of things we didn’t want to take with us when we leave, as well as a rucksack, pillows and an airbed, so we donated those to the hostel we stayed at when we arrived! We left them in reception with a sign saying ‘free’ next to them, in the hope someone will get some use out of it all! Most of our stuff is packed ready to go so that’s very exciting, just the last few bits we need the next day or two left now!

On Tuesday we had dinner with our housemates that we had been planning to do for so long but never managed to fit in as one of us is always busy, so that was lovely, they cooked tacos and we ate SO much food and just hung out and chatted about everyones next plans and things which was lovely.

We were going to have a BBQ on Wednesday night at Tom & Beckas, until we remembered it was now incredibly cold here in Melbourne, so that changed to drinks and food at theirs inside the house! It’s the last time we will see Tom and Becka for a while and we had to rush for a tram home so it was a bit of a quick see you later, but nice to have seen them again before we head off.

Our favourite place to eat in Melbourne is Om vegetarian, it’s featured in several of my posts before and on Thursday we went for the last time! It was as amazing as every other time and I’m so glad we had time to go one last time before leaving. I’m sure there’s hundreds of cheap, vegetarian places around the world but none will be as great as Om! If you ever head to Melbourne be sure to check out the Om on Elizabeth Street for good quality, cheap food.

Friday night was our last proper night in Melbourne that didn’t involve getting up super early to head to the airport so we went to watch a live band that one of Sammy’s colleagues plays in, at an amazing private members club in the city called Candela Nuevo. It had amazing views of the city from a heated terrace, absolutely incredible service and the music was brilliant. It was such a good evening and a brilliant way to finish our time in Melbourne.

beautiful views from candel nuevo.

FullSizeRender (1)


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