dandenong ranges.

On our last day in melbourne we hired a car and headed to one of the last places we wanted to see before leaving victoria, the dandenong ranges. It’s only a 45 minute trip from the city and its a nice drive too.

Our first stop was Skyhigh Lookout, the highest point of the ranges with stunning views that reach for miles, you can even see the city in the distance! There’s a $5 entry fee which gives you access to the viewing point, restaurant, secret garden, the wishing tree and Olag the Giants chair! Definitely worth a visit. We then drove down to Olinda, which is home to the incredible Cuckoo, a Bavarian themed restaurant, when I say themed I mean every inch of the wall, carpets, staff, everything! It was an incredible place and the staff were so friendly, there’s someone directing cars into the car park who even yodels now and then, brilliant! We stopped for a Devonshire tea which was beautiful, before heading off to Silvan Resevoir. It features on the tourist map and things to see in the area but I would probably say don’t bother! You can see a small part through a fence and some trees but not enough for it to be worth diverting off for.

Sherbrook Falls was our next stop, it’s a short walk to the falls and there are hundreds of parrots in the area which was lovely to see, once you get to the falls there isn’t much going on though, it’s just a small trickle of water! The famous Puffing Billy steam train operates from Belgrave station so we took a trip to see if he was there but unfortunately not, we had thought about going for a trip just to see what it was like but it was a lot of money per person for a single, never mind a return!

Before we left we went to check out the Kokoda Memorial Walk, it’s all dedicated to a war in Papau New Guinea that I had no idea had even happened, where the Australians went and fought the Japanese. There’s a 1000 steps that leads up to One Tree Hill picnic ground (which we didn’t fancy climbing) and some statues to honour the people that died, as well as loads of information about the battle. It was really interesting to read about and learn some new stuff!
On our way back into Melbourne we drove via Westgate Park to see the Pink Lake that’s there! A certain Algae grow in the lake which makes it turn pink at certain times of the year, it looks awesome!
We spent the evening hanging out with our housemates before getting an early night ready for our 5am start the next day!



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