Waking up in the car to a rainy Adelaide wasn’t the nicest, but once we’d woken up a bit we headed into the city to find our hostel, located on Jutt Street which has quite a few bars, restaurants and cafes it’s in a great place, plus it doesn’t take too long to walk to the city. Our six bed dorm only had one person in it so luckily we were able to check in at 8am which was great, the staff are super friendly as well which is lovely. After a quick shower we headed out to drop the car off and explore the city. Now, I wish I’d loved Adelaide the way I’d loved South Australia but unfortunately it really is not my kind of place! The CBD is very small, there is one main shopping street, Rundle Street, which is nice, but after looking in a few shops we then managed to see everything else we wanted to see in one day! We visited the South Australian Art Gallery, South Australia Museum, Botanic Gardens and National Wine Centre in a couple of hours, we then went back to the hostel and noticed they have free bikes for guests to borrow, so we entertained ourselves riding round the parks and cities for another couple of hours, we saw Victoria Square, National War Memorial and the Convention Centre, we also went to Central Market which was actually better than a lot of the Melbourne markets I thought. In the evening we headed back to Glenelg on the tram to go out for dinner which was nice, although the weather was pretty rubbish so we went back to the hostel fairly early. When you’re trying not to spend tons of money it’s very difficult to entertain yourself in a dull city, so another early night it was for us!

On the second day we got up early and borrowed a couple of bikes again, this time we went on a 20km ride around various parks to get some exercise, it was great fun and it actually didn’t rain until the last few minutes. To make sure we had something to do for the rest of the day we booked tickets to an aussie rules game as we hadn’t managed to go to one yet, weirdly it was Adelaide vs Melbourne! We went down to the Oval and managed to get ourself into a stand I’m pretty sure we weren’t meant to be in with our general admission tickets but at least we had a good view! It was a great game to watch even though we didn’t really know what was going on! In the evening we met up with an australian relative of mine that I haven’t seen since I was really really young , we went out to dinner at The Federal Restaurant in the CBD and the food was amazing! It was brilliant to catch up with someone I hadn’t seen in so long and to hear all these stories and about her life now that I had no idea about, a really lovely way to end our time in Adelaide.

We managed to lie in till an incredible 9am on the Sunday morning which was great, we packed all our stuff up and checked out of the hostel, the staff are so great there and they let us store all our bags and borrow the bikes again to go for another ride. This time we rode back to the city and had breakfast, before heading back and getting a shower and collecting our things. As we had already run out of things to do we decided to get ourselves to the airport nice and early and just hang out there! I didn’t know what to expect of Adelaide before we went but I was sad it wasn’t much of a city and there was so little to do, but whilst I’d say if you were thinking of going there then just go for the day as that’s enough time, I would recommend the rest of the state a thousand times over! There are so many beautiful places to see and beaches to check out and hikes to go on and lovely little villages to wander round, if you are lucky with the weather the way we were then it’s even better!

south australia museum.
art gallery.
botanical gardens.

fowlers building.
central market.

one of the many parks in the city.
my favourite of all the sculptures on rundle mall.

bike ride selfie.
adelaide oval.

adelaide crows vs melbourne demons.


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