make hay while the sun shines.

Had a great week here in Ferny Hills, Brisbane, I applied for tons of jobs, got tons of trials and interviews, tons of offers, and then a farm job turned up, typical! In Melbourne it took us a few weeks to find work but here we walked straight in to it and have now had to turn everything down so we can go and earn our second year visa. We’ve spent most of our time in the suburbs, only going into the city once for some job trials and interviews, but from what we saw we really liked it and are looking forward to coming back to work properly. It was our lovely host Ellen’s birthday on Friday so we went for a drink to celebrate in the evening, then had a bbq on the saturday which was good, got to meet some of her friends and colleagues who are all awesome so that was fun. On Sunday we helped run a tug of war competition at the local school fayre, then went for the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had, yum! Monday we went into the city, and then we’ve just been training, getting ready to leave for the farm and just hanging out which has been nice, although i’ve been wanting to chill out for weeks and when I got the chance to I was just restless! We also hit up CrossFit Torian for a 5am session which was awesome, their gym is huge and absolutely awesome!

We got our farm job by looking on Gumtree, a working hostel contacted us after we applied for one job that got filled, but they found another they thought was suitable for us and sent us the details, sent our CV’s etc over to the host couple and then literally within two days it was sorted! I was very sceptical about going through a working hostel until they explained that the conditions are just that you stay with them for two nights, then you get collected by the people you’re working for and that’s you done. I’ll write a bit more on our experience when I can properly review the whole process and how we found everything. Fingers crossed we love farm life and this all works out!

If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the back end of nowhere, ha!

brisbane city.

my favourite thing in brissie.

helping Jetts at St Andrew’s school fayre.

pre dinner selfie.

the amazing gym at CrossFit Torian.

home for the next few months…

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 06.11.03


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