cowley station.

Well, what a first week we’ve had doing our regional work in queensland, it’s been really tough to adjust to farm life and to be honest I really wasn’t enjoying it at all at first, but we said before we arrived that no matter what we would stick it out for two weeks before running back to the city! We’re working at Cowley Station in Cheepie, working for a couple called Drew and Ellie. I like to think that I’m an outdoor girl and that I’m quite physically strong, but the jobs we’ve been doing have really tested me. We spent the first couple of days tidying the garden of the homestead which might not sound too bad, but two days in the sun raking leaves and dirt, transporting earth, getting covered in bugs, flies and dirt gets tiresome pretty quickly! We went to bed knackered every night.

The next day at the farm we finished off fixing up the garden, then doing some weeding and shifting hay from storage to the garden to help the plants grow. We spent the fifth day pulling steel posts out of the ground which was a killer job and made me nearly pack my bag and go back to Brisbane! We had to use pliers to cut the wire across the fencing, which I couldn’t do, then use a levy to get the posts out of the ground and put them in the back of the ute, I sucked at all the jobs and by the end of the day I just felt deflated and tired. We optimistically hoped for a day off over the weekend but it wasn’t to be on Saturday. I went to the shop with Ellie in the morning then in the afternoon we started on clearing the yard, there were sheets of tin, wooden posts and scrap metal all over the place, I think there’s about five days work in getting it all shifted!

On Saturday evening Drew and Ellie suggested we go to Toompine which is the ‘local’ pub, it’s actually about 80km away from the house on a dirt track! We had a great evening though and had some great steak whilst watching some good live music, Adam Kilpatrick performed who plays a mixture of his own stuff and covers, basically anything you shout out he’ll play. We somehow managed to rack up a $136 bar tab that night as well, not sure how that happened! By the time we got home and to bed it was about 4am, and were still expected to get up to work the next day. bit harsh! There was a big flood of water outside the front of the house when we arrived home which meant something was up with the borehead which is where they get their water from, nothing could be done in the dark though so it got left until the morning. I went to work with Ellie at the shop again and Sammy and Drew spent the morning checking out what had happened to the water, we did actually have a few hours off in the afternoon which was awesome! Just before it got dark we went to check on the borehead, the boys had set up two generators to pump the water out of the cooling pond so that we can check all the pipes to see what’s gone wrong, but the generators kept cutting out so it’s been taking ages. When we got to the site they had cut again, after spending an hour trying to fix them we had to call it a day and go home as we could barely see anymore. On the way back to the house though we saw a dingo! It ran across the road in front of us then stood in amongst the trees and watched us for a minute before running off again, it was awesome! All I’ve got left to see now is a platypus.

After a night out at the pub we started getting on with Drew and Ellie a lot better than we had been doing which was great, that definitely had an impact on how much I was enjoying it, and by the time a week had gone by the paranoia about snakes, spiders etc. sort of died down and I could actually get some sleep on a night. I’m glad we said we’d give it two weeks because at the end of week one I’m actually quite enjoying it, whereas after two days I probably would have been on a bus back to the city! Don’t ever let anyone tell you farming is easy, cus it’s the most difficult adjustment you could make and the work is real tough!


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