rain dance.

It looks like we’ll definitely be sticking out our 3 months work here in the outback after a great second week. We’re actually now nearly at the end of our third week so this post is just a bit late, whoops! We didn’t do anything particularly exciting but it was still a good week, and we finally got that rain everyone had been praying for! We spent nearly a whole day draining the borehead to find out where the damage was that was causing the loss of pressure, finally the water level got so low we could see the pipes and there was a big gaping hole across one of them! The whole pipe needs replacing but unfortunately it rained the next day and so farm life as we know it kind of came to a stand still. It was very surreal watching the news that week and hearing them talking about all the rain at Charleville and the surrounding areas which included us! Before it rained though Drew took us out onto the property to shoot, I shot my first gun which was crazy, a bit scary so I only had one go! We spent the rest of the week painting a room in the main house, as well as fixing up our own cottage, varnishing the floors in the veranda’s outside and cleaning and painting the rooms inside. It’s starting to look more like a house I actually want to live in than somewhere I didn’t even like brushing my teeth!

Elle stayed in Quilpie all week as once it had rained the roads get so bogged that unnecessary driving just shouldn’t be done. Drew went into town to stay with her for a couple of nights leaving us in charge of the farm for two days, which was fun! On the Friday we packed up our ute ready for a trip to Toompine where the Polocrosse was that weekend, we drove to the main road then met Elle there and we all headed over together. We’d packed our swag and lots of doonas ready for some camping in the cold! The Friday night at polocrosse is basically a big drinking session for everyone, everyone’s pretty friendly so it was a good night even for us not really knowing anyone at first. Drew’s brother has a backpacker working for him at the minute that we met at the last polocrosse so we spent a lot of the weekend hanging out with her, which was nice. The two girls who work at the pub at Toompine are also English so the five pommes stuck together for a few days!

Whilst we were at the bar on the Friday one of the local lads was walking round with a baby goat in his arms, for some reason he or someone he knew had shot it’s mum and now he needed a home! I’d already asked Elle for a dog and a cat that week and been turned down but clearly farm animals are the way to go because she said we could take him home! So we spent the night going between drinking ourselves and going to feed him milk that Dogger and Robyn (owners of the pub) had made up for us. They also let us keep him in a pen with their calf so he had a nice warm bed for the night. So now, we have ourselves a little poddy goat! Everyone said not to get too attached to him incase he didn’t survive the night, but when we went to see him early Saturday morning he was bleating away! We named him Billy, very original!

The rest of the weekend was spent watching polocrosse, which I’ve managed to get really into, cuddling Billy and eating and drinking, it was nice to have a couple of days off and whilst we couldn’t exactly go off and do our own thing at least we weren’t stuck out on the farm. Unfortunately that day one of Elle’s friends, who is pregnant, had fallen off her horse whilst she was umpiring a game. When we arrived she was getting into an ambulance to get checked out and go to the hospital in Quilpie, we soon found out her and baby were fine, but I hope she won’t be riding again any time soon, some people are way too horse mad! Because her and her husband Sam are from NSW they didn’t have anywhere to stay on the Sunday night as they should have been heading home, so Sam stayed at Cowley with us whilst Amy spent the night in hospital, and he also brought his three backpackers as well! They had one of the other cottages for the night but went straight to bed when they arrived so we didn’t get chance to speak to them. I was so excited to get to bed as by the time we’d got home, unpacked, got sorted and got Billy cosied up in bed with us it was nearly 11pm!

setting sun at cowley.

heavy rain in the yard.

drew teaching me to shoot.

billy the goat.



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