quilpie polocrosse.

Another good week here at Cowley, after a bit of a rough start, there may have been an incident where Peewee the dog escaped from her cage as Splitter came home and because she’s on heat there are now more than likely some pups on the way… Drew was beyond angry and there was some strong language used but I think everyone is over that as the next day he was completely fine and it hasn’t been mentioned so fingers crossed! The next day we went out on the truck with Drew and spent the whole time fixing various fences, floodgates and then finally a cattle grid. The latter involved a lot of welding, sawing and general bodge job things going on! I got so many scratches, scrapes and bruises in the last week, farm work sure is physically demanding. I spent the evening painting our cottage which seems to be taking ages to do but it’s looking a lot better now.

We spent the next couple of days doing some more work on the yard, there is so much rubbish everywhere it takes forever to sort out, but it’s starting to look really good now. I keep forgetting to take before and after pictures of all the work we’re doing which is annoying, it’d be great to see how much progress we’d made when everything is finished. We made a little pen for Billy as well as he needs to start living outside and not on our sofa! We’ve put him a tyre with blankets in and some bricks to climb around on, a great little home for him!

There was another Polocrosse carnival on at the weekend so on Friday afternoon we packed up our ute, put the swag on the back and headed into Quilpie where this carnival was conveniently being held. It was a lot quieter than last weekend at Nockatunga but we had a really good night and a lot of vodka was consumed! I had a very sore head the next day so was not impressed when I had to go over to the shop and work for a couple of hours, ha! But I survived that and we spent the rest of the day watching the Polocrosse matches which was great, before heading back to Cowley to check on Billy. We always end up spending a lot of money at the weekends when we’re supposed to be saving so I was happy to just have the one night there. I was still feeling delicate so was happy to see my little goat and sleep in my own bed again. I spent Sunday decorating the rest of the cottage and doing some odd jobs around the yard which was nice, the big boss who owns Cowley also came over and is staying for a couple of days so we got to meet him too. I finally had the time to facetime friends back home on the evening as well which was much needed!

cowley station.

dirt road home from Quilpie.

checking out the creeks.

billy and barry.

billy looking bedraggled after a bath.

sunset at Quilpie.

polocrosse match.

11058293_10155700122395142_4591573992352245089_n (1)




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